Get Your Website Indexed in All Major Search Engines…

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, allow direct free submission of websites to their search directories for indexing, but even after submission sometimes your website takes several weeks or months to get fully indexed.

Search Engine submission is not the only way to get your website indexed. There are some simple and quicker avenues of getting your site indexed in all major search engines even without submitting your site in search engines.

Following are some useful steps to get your website indexed in all major search engines –

1. Submit your website thematic link in free link submission directories which have PR 3 or above.

2. Submit your website into appropriate category of free directories to get indexed and get targeted traffic.

3. Use keyword rich anchor text link for submission, rather than your website name.

4. Submit articles with proper anchor text in free articles submission sites like

5. Use unique and keyword rich Meta Tags for your website pages.

6. Create 5–6 content rich blogs with proper anchor text link for your website. Update content & ping your blogs, after regular intervals for fast indexing.

We need to implement search engine friendly website navigation for better inner pages indexing. Always add content rich text with keyword specific anchor text link in your website sitemap for fast indexing of all pages. Avoid using iframes in your website pages for better indexing results. However, if sometimes you have to use iframe always call iframes through functions and define them before the end of body tag in webpage code.

If your site is one of those websites where only a few pages seem to be indexed by the search engines, this article is for you. It describes how you can provide the major search engines with a list of the all the pages on your website, thus allowing them to learn of the existence of pages which they may have missed in the past.

How do you Find Out which Pages of your Website is Indexed?

One way is to use “site:domain-name” to search for your site. This works with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live, although not with Ask.
For example, if your domain is, type “” (without the quotes) into the search field of the search engine. From the results list, you should be able to see all the pages which the search engine knows about.

Samples of your pages in Google
Operator Description Result
site: Indexed pages in your site
link: Pages that link to your site’s front page
cache: The current cache of your site
info: Information we have about your site
related: Pages that are similar to your site

~ by Ravi Shanker on March 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Get Your Website Indexed in All Major Search Engines…”

  1. Hi Ravi…

    The way you presented your blog is really IMPRESSIVE!! I just can’t say more than this.. looking forward for more of this kind!!


  2. The steps you explained about how to get our website indexed with search engine submission in major search engines is worth.

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