What is Link Baiting….

This is a topic that’s been around for a while but I don’t think a lot of people know what it is, or how to use it to their advantage. I think the name “Link Baiting” could be considered a black hat technique which is why most people wouldn’t consider it as a legitimate organic tactic.

Link baiting is the latest trend in the Search Engine Marketing World. However link baiting is just link building with a twist: Rather than looking for out links, you are getting the links to you through unique and popular site content. Link Baiting is just like as fishing. You publish a new page on a topic and place it free on the web. With a bit of luck others pick up on the content as fresh and interesting and link to it. The article is the bait, and the link is the catch. Usually, links are tough to get, but with this latest technique (link baiting), you “bait” your content and sit back and wait.

Loads of articles have been written on Link Bait that are naturally attracting back links, in this you just create something or we can say a list of unreachable resources, any extraordinary report or any thing that naturally grab the interest of people and attract backlink for your page by getting people to discussing on it, talk about it, posting it on social networking websites, blogging about it and linking to it from their website. It also attracts good quality traffic.

The term link baiting is a one that seems to have surfaced over the past 12 or so months and that is used by webmasters to describe a variety of practices – all of which seek to generate incoming links to a website or blog from other sites.

It is actually a difficult term to be definitive about as it covers a lot of different practices ranging from running awards or competitions, through to writing attacking posts on high profile bloggers in the hope of them biting back and linking to you, through to providing other bloggers or site owners with tools (with embedded links back to your own site) that they can put on their blogs (we’ll run through more link baiting techniques in one of my next posts in this series).

There are some rules you should to follow when you start building links.

[1] Use anchor text of your website.
[2] Include different Keywords in title.
[3] Link site from different class C – IPs (Important factor for SERP.)
[4] Not get all links from newer sites, and try to get links from older (and trusted) sites as well.
[5] Try to get links from relevant content/industry.
[6] Try to get authority links, like links from news sites… etc.
[7] Do not try to build hundreds of links quickly.

source: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/09/19/an-introduction-to-linkbaiting/


~ by Ravi Shanker on April 14, 2008.

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