SEO Title Tags Tips

SEO Title Tags Tips

SEO title tags are very important to any website. If done wrong, it can make your site very unpopular with search engines. If done right, you can get very high rankings with search engines and drive a lot of traffic to your site. I will give you some tips on title tags to get you the best results with search engines.

What are title tags?
A title tag is a piece of HTML code that describers the content of your website. The title tag tells search engines and web surfers what your website is about. It will also appear on search engines results pages (SERPs).

Tips for your Title Tags
1. Keep your title tags unique.

The title tag should reflect the content on your page. 
2. Use keywords that are related to the content in your title tags

  Always add keywords in title tags that reflect the content on your page. and always use the most important keywords and leave out less important keywords.3. Keep your title tags short.

keep the title tags between 60-65 characters. Within those 60-65 characters, include keywords in the content. By keeping the title tags short, you also avoid putting too many keywords in your title tags.
4. Spell check your title tags

One of the worst things I’ve seen is title tags that have misspelled words. Spell check your title tags!

5. Never leave your title tags blank.
Title tags are very important to search engines and rankings so, Never leave your title tags blank.

6. See what other people are doing.

Always search Google for similar articles or tutorials. Then see what top ranking pages have done with their title tags. Do not copy their title tags, but you can come away with a few ideas that may help you write your title tags.

Last thought….. don’t be afraid to experiment with title tags and see what works best for your site and search engines. Writing good title tags takes time and will only help your site.


~ by Ravi Shanker on September 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “SEO Title Tags Tips”

  1. Experimenting with different keywords, title tags and descriptions is a good option, since you never know which combination will get you the best rankings.

  2. Very good article, Ravi. I think the important thing is to keep your title tags unique. I see countless websites that fail to do so, and qualify for the dreaded duplicate content penalty.

  3. Useful Information!! I appreciate your work dude.

  4. Thanks for sharing,that’s a good information for me

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