Guidelines for Yahoo Optimization

Guidelines for Yahoo Optimization

These important guidelines listed below will help you promote your business web site indexed and ranked in top ten search engine ranking by Yahoo for the desired keywords and to generate increased targeted traffic to your website.

1. Yahoo prefers Original and unique content with a genuine value for the reader

2. Pages that are designed primarily for human viewing are ranked higher

3. Hyperlinks used to assist people find interesting and related content

4. Use Meta tags ie title & description that accurately describe the contents of your Web page

5. Do not stuff your pages with duplicate or repeated content; Yahoo may penalize you for spamming

6. Don’t use doorway pages

7. Provide a user friendly navigation

8. Don’t use pages using methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking

9. Don’t use text with same color as the background color or text that is not easily read, too small or is placed in an area of the web page not visible to users.

10. Don’t use Cloaking technique

11. Don’t participate in link exchanges with “link farms”

12. Don’t stuff your pages excessive or off-topic keywords

More information : Everything Under The SEO


~ by Ravi Shanker on December 16, 2008.

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  1. thanks for your info.
    nice blog anyway .. 🙂

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