Long Tail Keywords v. Short Head Keywords

3. Long Tail Keywords v. Short Head Keywords

Remember, this is called “Organic Search Engine Marketing”…..it’s marketing, and marketing needs a focus. In order to focus in on what to market for, you need to have a solid foundation of the main keywords that describe your business and/or products that you are selling. These main keywords are one to three phrase keywords (or keyword phrases) generally speaking and are more than likely highly competitive. These types of keywords are known as “Short Head” keywords. For example, “car insurance.”


Long Tail Keywords v. Short Head Keywords

Once you know your short head keywords, you will want to market directly to more specific, longer keywords related to the main short head keywords. These longer, more specific keywords are known as “Long Tail” keywords. For example, “car insurance discounts in Georgia.”

Although the traffic for each long tail keyword is usually much less than its short tail relative, if you add up all the long tail keywords, they will usually add up to much more traffíc and most importantly, targeted traffíc, than the short tail keywords alone.


~ by Ravi Shanker on February 16, 2009.

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  1. The strategy of long tail keywords is one that everybody should use for its own site/blog. It is absolutely necessary

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