Successful SEO Begins With Keyword Research and Analytics

Test Your Copy First:

Search Engine Optimization should “never” be a business first step in the promotion process. Although SEO can bring great rewards, it can also be very expensive to implement. Look at it this way. What good is search optimization if you have optimized for the wrong keywords?

The first step in the promotion of any business should be focused on attracting potential customers to one’s website.

The marketer needs to put human eyeballs on the website, so that they can test and tweak their sales copy for greater sales conversion.

Website Promotion Process

Website Promotion Process

Until a website has seen several hundred visitors, the sales copy should not be changed or tweaked. Sales copy should always be tested against a large statistical group of visitors, in order to ensure that the copy is given a fair and realistic test.

If the online marketer has a bit more money to start the process, often the best spent money will be to hire a professional copywriter to write the sales copy for the website. Professional copywriters have a skill, and that skill is to create the words that will drive people to buy what you are selling.


~ by Ravi Shanker on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Successful SEO Begins With Keyword Research and Analytics”

  1. First comments from web site traffic guide. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I agree with your concept that successful SEO begins with the keyword research as the right keywords are the foundation of any online business success.

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