The Mythical Google Sandbox and How To Escape It

The Life Curve Of A Web Page

Google’s algorithms rely heavily on inbound links to determine the value of a web page. But a brand new web page has not had the opportuníty to attract any inbound links, because after all, it is a brand new web page. So Google gives new web pages the benefit of a doubt.

News stories are a good example of web pages that may very well be important to the world-at-large, but their importance cannot be determined by the number of inbound links available to that page.

The Life Curve Of A Web Page

The Life Curve Of A Web Page

As a result, all brand new web pages on the Internet are given an intrinsic value by Google, as if the pages housed a news story. But what was important thirty days ago, will not necessarily be important today. So news stories are given early value and then their value fades with time.

Once the news cycle is completed, the web page will slide down to where it deserves to be according to the normal Google algorithms. This often means that a new web page will disappear into Google oblivion (or the theoretical Google Sandbox), if after 30 days the page has not generated any link popularity of its own.


~ by Ravi Shanker on March 11, 2009.

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