The Mythical Google Sandbox and How To Escape It

You Are The Master Of Your Domain

As the master of your domain, you get to choose how long a page is sandboxed. Most people don’t realize they have that kind of control, but with smart link building, one can prevent a web page from entering the sandbox. Or, if the web page does slip into the sandbox, the smart online marketer can bring a web page out of the mythical sandbox in days or weeks, instead of months or years. The beauty of this truth is that you define the time line for when a web page exits the sandbox, not Google.


I Boast That I Can Prove It To You

I built a new page 16 days ago (June 10th, 2008) that is holding page one results in Google against 200,000+ websites, with my Blackhat Fish SEO Contest entry.

Now, one could argue that I am still in the news cycle for this web page, so in another two weeks, my page could disappear from the Google results. But, I have built so many inbound links to this page that I fully expect that when the news cycle is done, my page will remain outside of Google’s mythical sandbox.


I Challenge You To Test My Results

Test my proof by checking back here in a couple weeks, or even in four weeks or six. If I am right, you will be able to clíck this link to Google’s search results for the keyword phrase Blackhat Fish, and you will be able to see my page title on page one or two of Google’s search results: “Whitehat vs. Blackhat: Fish For Links or Die Trying”.

I say page one or page two of Google’s search results, because I would be surprised if I actually won the competition. However, if I am still in the top 20 results for the search key term after July 10, 2008, then I will have proved to you that anyone can beat the sandbox, if only they exercised the right strategy for escaping the sandbox ahead of the end of the news cycle.

I have actually pulled this off with three web pages in the last 60 days. The above listed example is just one of many examples I could show you as proof of concept here. But for brevity’s sake, I am only including the one example here.


In Conclusion…

You can accept my analysis as sound, or you can call me the fool. It does not matter to me which you choose. If you want to believe that the Google Sandbox really exists to thwart your online business, then more power to your fears.

For those of you who have found my words worthwhile, let’s meet next Saint Patrick’s’ Day to share a green beer and a laugh.


About The Author

Bill Platt has been providing article marketing to his clients since 2001With lots of experience writing articles that attract publishers, readers, traffic and sales to his website, Bill wrote an ebook to share the secrets of his article marketing strategies.


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