How to Dominate Google Rankings: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Goal 1: Find the Best Keywords


Let’s use Google’s own keyword database to see what search terms are best to target. Go to and enter any keyword or keyword phrase you think your future customers are looking for. Now get ready for a LOT of great results!

INSIDER TIP: Use specific and “long tail” keyword phrases whenever possible. One of my clients is in national floral delivery. Here’s a real example of how my business partner and I put that business at number one ,on Google with the perfect keywords…

The client had been paying per click for the term “flowers” and barely breaking even after spending tens of thousands of dollars per month in PPC costs. We not only gave him much better targetd keywords for his pay per click campaign, at one tenth the cost, but also made jim number one for his new primary keyword using the methods described later in this article. Before we go too deep however, let’s look at the new keywords and the logic used to get there…

Instead of just the word “flowers”, which has 233,000,000 competing pages on Google, we looked at what he really wanted to attract visits for. Although there are lots of possibilities, we will stick with just one example that saves him about $35,000 per month in PPC expenses and gives him another $100,000 per month in profit. We first evaluated “send flowers”, which has 1/10th the number of competing pages. Then we asked him to try “think like people speak” (I.E./ I’m “sending flowers” to my mom.) As it turns out, a lot more people are searching for “sending flowers” than are searching “send flowers” and “sending flowers” has less than 1% of the competing web pages as the search term he started with, “flowers”. Now that’s impressive!

Use this method of keyword determination (get exact and use longer keyord phrases when appropriate) and you have will have an instant advantage over about 99% of your competitors.

Once you have your keywords selected, take the top three or four and list them in order for best to second best and so on.


~ by Ravi Shanker on March 16, 2009.

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