The Happiest People in the World

Who are the happiest people in the world? Do you want to know him/her/them?

The answer is “You“. Yes it’s right, you are when you have and know the goal or the objective what you’re doing now. Let’s say you’re blogging now, your objective maybe for:

  • practicing your writing;
  • sharing your knowledge/opinion/feeling;
  • making community/relationship;
  • making money from your blog;
  • another objective, etc.

Every activity will be meaningless if no reason to do it. Someone go to work in the very early morning and go home in the late night, he must have the reason, the goal, and something he wants to achieve.

Ok friend, Good luck! You are really the happiest people in the world. 😉


3 Responses to “The Happiest People in the World”

  1. Very good post my friend keep going

  2. If you are doing some thing that’s is good for you and might bad for others. But What every one should remember is the thing which is good for you shouldn’t be bad for others. They also should feel that’s good. Not all the people but majority of the people.

    Then your goal will stay forever and Everone remember you as a Great Guy. At the moment you are the one who is the happiest person in the world.

    Sankar Datti

  3. wow nice post Ravi keep it up!!!!

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