About Me!!..

This is Ravi Shanker.
I was born Vijayawada and brought up in Hyderabad, India. Currently, I am employed as a Search specialist in OMS3 Consulting Pvt.Ltd., I love creating Websites and Blogs to help people in all the possible ways that I can…HMMM… LEMME TRY TO DESCRIBE ABT ME….. a living example of murphy’s law, amateur psychologist, assured/insecure, can’t hide secrets, careless, caring, charming, big-ambitions-small-efforts, confused, creative, disorganized, dual-personality, practical/emotional, extravagant, extrovert, flirt, frequent loner, genuine at heart, glib liar, good company, human relations specialist, instinctive, introspective, irresponsible, logical, love to party, music-lover, never-satisfied, nice sense of humour, rational, restless, seeking attention, sharp, staunch atheist, talkative, tendency to elaborate, trustworthy, understanding, untidy, versatile, virgin, IS THIS ENOUGH…???!!!!!! I THINK THIS IS MUCH ENOUGH…

Ravi Shanker

Ravi Shanker


R = You are a social butterfly.
A = You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
V = You have a very good physique and looks.
I = You are always smiling and making others smile.

S = You are very broad-minded.
H = You are not judgmental.
A = You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
N = You like to work, but you always want a break.
K = You like to try new things.
E = You are a very exciting person.
R = You are a social butterfly.


3 Responses to “About Me!!..”

  1. You an Epistemologist too!

  2. Thanks for the follow and hello from curlingriver (Twitter).

  3. I like these good&smart habbits of you.
    Iam very respect u, because u r a great man

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